To celebrate the official launch of the new Custom-Code website we are offering a FREE FLASHWIRE worth £150 with every compatible remap purchased online. 

FlashWire is a product designed by Custom-Code in order to give everyone the power to flash or remap their own vehicle with Custom-Code software.

No matter where you are, you now have access to the most advanced ECU software in the world. You have the ability to switch between maps or flash your ECU completely back to standard. This isn’t just an interpretation of the standard tuning like most other switching software which is still detectable by the dealers, FlashWire flashes your ECU with the original OEM software.

The process is easy, simply install the supplied FlashWire application to your Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 laptop, plug in the USB connector of the FlashWire cable and use it to read your ECU via the OBD-II port. Then send us the ECU read file by email, we will email you back your new Custom-Code tuned file so you can complete the process by flashing the tuned file back on to your ECU.

FlashWire will automatically lock itself to your ECU when used for the first time. You then have the ability to flash any Custom-Code software including Phase 1, 2 or 3 and DSG using the same cable. The software is extremely easy to use and requires no specialist knowledge. If you originally started with a Phase 1 and have since decided to upgrade your vehicle, you will receive a discount when you upgrade through Custom-Code using your existing FlashWire cable. 

Custom-Code offer full backup support via telephone and email in case you get stuck. We also have a network of dealers worldwide who can offer a level of support for customers using FlashWire.

Many enquiries regarding FlashWire can be answered on the FAQs page, please check this resource first for answers to commonly asked questions. If you wish to see the entire FlashWire process please watch the How-To videos below or alternatively download the FlashWire User Manual here.

Flashwire Video 1 - Install App

Flashwire Video 1

Flashwire Video 2 - ECU Read

Flashwire Video 2

Flashwire Video 3 - ECU Flash

Flashwire Video 3
Flashwire support

Full Technical Support

We offer full support via phone & email and through our extensive dealer network so there’s no need to worry about getting stuck.

Flashwire Switchability


FlashWire gives you the ability to switch to different maps for different scenarios or even flash completely back to standard in case your car needs to visit the dealers.

Flashwire Globe

Flash your car from anywhere in the world

FlashWire is delivered straight to your door enabling you to flash the world's most advanced ECU and DSG software from the comfort of your own home.

/// What makes Custom-Code Software the best?

Fuel pump

Improved Fuel Economy

With a Custom-Code remap your engine is running more efficiently and therefore you will experience improved fuel economy. With the extra torque you’re also able to change gears lower down the rev range which will return better MPG.

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30 Day satisfaction guarantee

30 Day satisfaction guarantee

Here at Custom-Code we’re so confident that you will love our remaps that we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. That means if you’re not satisfied for what ever reason then we will happily refund you in full within the first 30 days of purchase.

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Audi tuner gold

Award winning technology

It’s not just us that think our ECU software is the industry’s best, Custom-Code has won the prestigious Audi Driver Gold Award for tuning the last 6 years running. 

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Engine Reliability

We perform extensive on-road tests with all our maps to ensure your engine not only reaches its full potential but also that it doesn’t cause any unnecessary wear or damage.

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