VVT Attack

The latest technology and factory information has been used along with some of the best Bosch calibrators in the business to produce a product not yet seen in the VAG industry.

The complete recalibration of the R32 / 4Motion factory VVT (Variable Valve Timing) system brings performance gains previously never thought possible.

The precise calculations needed for the calibration of the inlet and exhaust cams, along with the custom cylinder filling and torque maps make this a totally custom application.

The smallest change in back pressure over our calibration cars, can have a huge affect on the calibration of the VVT and ignition values. So for this reason we have decided to offer the VVT Attack calibration in several options, specified for use with the standard exhaust system, as well as the already proven Milltek products. VVT Attack Calibration is available for:

1. Standard Exhaust System

2. Milltek high flow cat

3. JBS De-cat option

4. Milltek Cat Back

The most noticeable aspects of the Custom-Code VVT Attack calibration is the increase in low down torque, this is uncharacteristically maintained throughout the rev range. With gains of 40 ft/lb torque being seen on the JBS/C-C development car (Mk4 Golf R32).

But that's not all, the improved thermal efficiency and ability to run and maintain a optimized ignition angle can give gains of 35-40 BHP. Also with the VVT Attack Calibration you can see:

1. Improved thermal efficiency means your engine runs cooler and with less Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) this can result in prolonged engine and component life and improved fuel economy.

2. A substantially smoother running engine both at idle and when on load.

3. The engine is now much more willing to rev, giving the feeling of a larger cubic capacity engine.

4. No flat spots or drop in torque, smooth power delivery all the way to the rev limit.

5. The improved exhaust cam calibration now allows the engine to expel the exhaust gasses much more efficiently, this gives a much deeper and sportier sound to the exhaust note.

A VVT Attack car is easily identified by the exhilarating exhaust note, even with the standard exhaust.

VVT Attack is available through this website as a Phase 2 or Phase 3 calibration, at a cost of just £450 for Phase 2 and £650 for Phase 3. Simply search for your VVT Attack compatible vehicle using the remap search box above. If you already have Custom-Code Phase 1 or 2 on your car you can easily upgrade to the VVT Attack software at the discounted price of £400 inc VAT. If you wish to upgrade or require any further information, please call us on +44 (0)1246 455004 or alternatively send us an enquiry message.

VVT Attack is available for:

Audi A3 8P 3.2 250

Audi TT 8N 3.2 250

Audi TT 8J 3.2 250

VW New Beetle 3.2 RSI 225

VW EOS 3.2 250

VW Golf / Bora / Jetta 1J (MK4) 3.2 241 (R32)

VW Golf / Bora / Jetta 1k (MK5) 3.2 250 (R32) CBRA

VW Golf / Bora / Jetta 1k (MK5) 3.2 250 (R32) BUB

VW Passat (B6) 3.2 250

VW Phaeton 3.2 241

VW Touareg (7L) (02-10) 3.2 220

VW Transporter T5 3.2 V6 231

VW Transporter T5 3.2 V6 235





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30 Day satisfaction guarantee

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