Software Development

We have an extensive research and development department that is constantly pushing the boundaries of engine management software in order to give you the best possible performance.

We perform real world tests which produce the stats that back up our claim to being the most advanced performance software available in the world today.

All Custom-Code remaps are developed using real-time rolling road sessions as well as live road testing feedback to make sure the remap is optimised for real world driving. We have thousands of hours invested in the research and development of our software. We are constantly fine tuning our maps in order to gain every last bit of safe performance from a particular engine. We test our own engines to the limit to ensure that your engine is remapped safely and receives the best possible generic or custom remap available.


We have a custom designed rolling road which is recognised as the most accurate in the industry. It is a true load-based dyno, so you can be assured that the results you see after having your vehicle remapped are the results you will see on the road.

Custom-Code pride themselves on their constant development and innovation in the software industry, adding new functions and features to both current ECU types as well as the latest generation. VVT Attack is just one of the latest innovations of Custom-Code software available for VVT equipped cars. Custom-Code two step launch control is also now available for most ECU varieties across the board, bringing race technology to your vehicle.

For any further information regarding our Software development please call our support team on +44 (0)1246 455004 or alternatively send us an enquiry message.

/// What makes Custom-Code Software the best?

Fuel pump

Improved Fuel Economy

With a Custom-Code remap your engine is running more efficiently and therefore you will experience improved fuel economy. With the extra torque you’re also able to change gears lower down the rev range which will return better MPG.

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30 Day satisfaction guarantee

30 Day satisfaction guarantee

Here at Custom-Code we’re so confident that you will love our remaps that we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. That means if you’re not satisfied for what ever reason then we will happily refund you in full within the first 30 days of purchase.

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Audi tuner gold

Award winning technology

It’s not just us that think our ECU software is the industry’s best, Custom-Code has won the prestigious Audi Driver Gold Award for tuning the last 6 years running. 

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Engine Reliability

We perform extensive on-road tests with all our maps to ensure your engine not only reaches its full potential but also that it doesn’t cause any unnecessary wear or damage.

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