It has always been our intention to provide the world with products that are not only market-leading but also Eco-Friendly

Custom-Code are more than aware of our industry’s reputation when it comes to carbon-neutrality and minimising our effect on the world’s already compromised environment. We take the challenge to not contribute to these factors very seriously, and as a result we always have the ideal of being ‘carbon neutral’ at the forefront of our thoughts whilst developing.

With these factors in mind, fuel economy has become a serious consideration for our customers and likewise for ourselves. Not only does a reduction in fuel use reduce your carbon-footprint, but it also saves money. 


All of our development cars have consistently seen an increase in MPG, from around 10-15%. You can expect to see similar gains with your Custom-Code calibration, however depending on how you run your vehicle and the aftermarket components equipped, your results may vary.

Fuel economy is affected by numerous factors such as atmospheric conditions, driver style, fuel type, fuel quality, load on the vehicle, servicing intervals, road conditions, altitude and choice of journey route. Whilst a combination of these factors can in themselves cause an increase or decrease in your fuel economy, with a Custom-Code calibration you will most certainly see an increase in MPG over the unmodified manufacturer model. Helping you #GoFaster... for less.

/// What makes Custom-Code Software the best?

Fuel pump

Improved Fuel Economy

With a Custom-Code remap your engine is running more efficiently and therefore you will experience improved fuel economy. With the extra torque you’re also able to change gears lower down the rev range which will return better MPG.

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30 Day satisfaction guarantee

30 Day satisfaction guarantee

Here at Custom-Code we’re so confident that you will love our remaps that we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. That means if you’re not satisfied for what ever reason then we will happily refund you in full within the first 30 days of purchase.

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Audi tuner gold

Award winning technology

It’s not just us that think our ECU software is the industry’s best, Custom-Code has won the prestigious Audi Driver Gold Award for tuning the last 6 years running. 

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Engine Reliability

We perform extensive on-road tests with all our maps to ensure your engine not only reaches its full potential but also that it doesn’t cause any unnecessary wear or damage.

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