Dyno / Rolling Road

Our Dynocom AWD5000 dyno features the Gates Poly Chain GT2® Belt Linkage system which insures that the front and rear rollers are always spinning at precisely the same road speed. This process eliminates the possibility of activating a vehicle’s traction control system and also insures that a vehicle’s torque management system is operating under the assumption that the vehicle is not skidding, turning or slipping, providing more reliable and accurate results.


While the competition’s sensors sample about 20-60 sample/RPM, Dynocom’s sensor samples at over 100 samples/RPM. This means that the Dynocom sensor is much more sensitive which provides the end user with the most detailed information possible.


Dynocom systems come standard with 4 differential analog inputs for sensors. Competitors only offer single ended inputs. Differential inputs are more noise immune and offer more accurate data faster. This allows the user to connect additional sensors (such as EGT, MAP, etc.) to the DC-Controller and plot those readings along with standard readings such as horsepower, torque and air/fuel ratio. Dynocom integrates only the highest quality parts - the 5000 Series utilizes only FRENELSA eddy brakes which are recognized as the world’s highest quality.



Maximum Speed:                                     175+ MPH x 2

Maximum BHP:                                         1500 BHP

Max Vehicle weight/per axle:                   12,000 lbs

Wheelbase Minimum:                               90”

Wheelbase Maximum:                              130”

Maximum Axle Width:                               86”

Timing Accuracy:                                      +/-0.1 μS

RPM Accuracy:                                          +/-1/100th RPM

The AWD 5000 system incorporates an advanced stand-alone embedded electronic design offering the utmost in performance, providing micro-second timing accuracy, 1000 Hz/s analog input sampling rates, precision digital interrupt triggered speed & RPM inputs. Optimized embedded software and precise synchronised clock/event timing provide for a higher performing, more accurate, reliable, and scalable solution.


The DC-Controller is an all-in-one high performance dynamometer electronic control unit with standard atmospheric sensing (humidity, temperature and barometric pressure). Our digital handheld controller supports start/stop & configuration capabilities—keeping dyno operators in the driver’s seat. It is hardwired for fail-safe operation of braking and control. The display provides for remote data display of individual dyno runs without leaving the vehicle. It has an integrated dyno run “GO/Logging” and “STOP/Brake” LED’s, it also gives the ability to Increase and decrease load, or see HP and Torque numbers in real-time.


During a typical session we will do 3 runs, and provide you a print out of all 3 runs plotted on a single graph. We have the ability to plot power, torque, boost and AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) during a run.


Our rolling road sessions cost £65 (£78 inc VAT) per session. If you’re part of a club and would like to book a group session please contact us about our special club day deals. 

For any further information regarding our Dyno please call our support team on +44 (0)1246 455004 or alternatively send us an enquiry message.

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